Winter Camp 2019

Star Wars

This fun winter art camp will feature 11/2 hours of fine art drawing and painting using mostly pencil and pastels while creating our favorite Star Wars characters, creatures or vehicles and then after a short snack break we will be creating fun crafts based on the Star Wars Movies.  We will be in the studio for the entire week.  This should be a fun change of pace after the long winter break and getting ready to get back to the routine of school. 

Camp dates and hours

Date: January 7-11 2019

Hours: 12:00-3:00pm

Come join the fun!!

 This will be a fun week of drawing and exploration into Star Wars art and projects and a good way to end off the long Winter break.

Winter & art camp in Santa Clarita Summer Camp 2019


June 24-28 Fantasy

1 1/2 hours of fine art drawing based on fantasy creatures or making up fantasic creatures from our regular step by step drawing process.  Most coloring will be done with pastel.

After a short snack break we continue with fun craft art which is anything from fairy lanterns to dragon puppets.  Friday off we go to the museum or Descanso Gardens to create some fantasic things from natural settings.

July 8-12 Sculpture

 1 1/2 hours of fine art drawing and painting (mostly using pastel). This will include learning to think about how to turn an idea into a 2d  image that can be made into a 3d image. After a short snack break we create sculptures out of paper, clay, polymer clay, junk...all kinds of stuff.  This is a very fun and challenging camp.  Friday we're off to either the Getty or the Beach it depends on the group and where their interest is best focused

August 5-9 Harry Potter

This is one of the most popular camps. Campers are greeted with owls who welcome them with their official acceptance letter from Hogwarts, the campers are sorted into houses we draw and paint Potter type pictures  sometimes Howlers from  home are flying across the room, you just never know when that will happen. After a short snack we do Harry Potter based crafts. Friday we go off to a museum to draw from the masters.  

Camp hours:

Monday -Thursday 12:00 pm-3:00 pm

Friday 10:00 - 3:00pm (field trip)

Reserve a spot

Reserve your spot for camp: Call 661-254-4290 or go to the contact page for more information.

What to do to prepare for camp

We recommend new students attend a trial class before the beginning of camp to make sure they are familiar with the studio, the teaching style and the teachers.  Call or e-mail the studio to make an appointment.  This one is on us!!